This informal course will help you learn how to effectively use Moodle 2.0 learning management system software. The course contains tutorials, documentation and sample activities organised into Essentials, Course Design, Communication and Collaboration, Assessment and Reporting, Administration and Advanced. Relax, enjoy and happy moodling!

How to use Technologies in my course?

Best practices of using the various technologies around and implementing them into your Moodle course.

Multimedia, Flash, Java, Video, Animation...

A course containing a database of many ideas for teaching with Moodle, collated by Tomaz Lasic and donated by educators everywhere.

Step by step Moodle video lessons .. From bigeners to Advance

Course Description

  • This course will introduce Moodle and present elearning instructional design tips and resources. You will experience this course as a student as it leads you through constructing a course with instructional content, engaging activities, communication and interaction objects, feedback and assessments.
  • Complete this course and earn 6 workshop hours/6 points toward Salary Advancement.

This course was created for a workshop at the Mountain Moot 2013 where participants learned how to create Moodle Lessons. There are three lessons available to try as students and a fourth which was built together as an introduction to lesson construction. I have also included the slideshow presentation used during the course of the workshop.